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Schaller&Crandall (eds)

Anthony Ryle qualified in medicine in 1949 and worked successively as a founding member of an inner city group practice, in Kentish Town, London, as Director of Sussex University Health Service and

Sandra W. Russ Case Western Reserve University

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder ISSUES AND CONTROVERSIES

Edited by Mick Power University of Edinburgh and Royal Edinburgh Hospital

The goals, activities, and contributions of contemporary clinical psychology are very appealing to many who are fascinated by human behavior and relationships. The enormous popularity of psychology

This series, edited byGwen Adshead, takes the field of Forensic Psychotherapy as its focal point, offering a forum for the presentation of theoretical and clinical issues. It embraces such influenti

One of the key questions in cognitive psychology is how people represent knowledge about concepts such as football or love. Recently, some researchers have proposed that concepts are represented in

Editors: Lisa Simon Onken, Ph.D. Division of Clinical Research National Institute on Drug Abuse Jack D. Blaine, M.D. Division of Clinical Research National Institute on Drug Abuse

Research Manual in Child Development Nadelman

This book is dedicated to the treasures of my youth: to my father, the late Giuliano P. Moschini, for you held my hand; and to my mother, Josephine, for you taught me to be myself. Together you pro

Richard G. Moore Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge and Anne Garland Nottingham Psychotherapy Unit

Theodore Millon Melvin J. Lerner Volume Editors Irving B. Weiner Editor-in-Chief

Edited by Mario Maj University of Naples, Italy Norman Sartorius University of Geneva, Switzerland

Edited by MarioMaj University of Naples, Italy Norman Sartorius University of Geneva, Switzerland

Edited by Mario Maj University of Naples, Italy Norman Sartorius University of Geneva, Switzerland

Maj et al (eds) - Psychiatric Diagnosis and Classification


Eating Disorders

Maj et al (eds) - Early Detection and Management of Mental Disorders

Bipolar Disorder

Edited by Jeffrey J. Magnavita

Edited by Juan Jose´ Lo´pez-Ibor Complutense University of Madrid, Spain George Christodoulou University of Athens, Greece Mario Maj University of Naples, Italy Norman Sartorius University o


by Alessandra Lemma

R. D. Laing, one of the best-known psychiatrists of modern times, was born in Glasgow in 1927 and graduated from Glasgow University as a doctor of medicine. In the 1960s he developed the argument t

Ken Laidlaw Department of Psychiatry, University of Edinburgh, UK Larry W. Thompson Pacific Graduate School of Psychology and Stanford University School of Medicine, USA Leah Dick-Siskin Psychol

Edited by David Kingdon University of Southampton, Royal South Hants Hospital, Southampton, UK and Douglas Turkington Department of Psychiatry, Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle Upon Tyne, U

SERIES IN ANXIETY AND RELATED DISORDERS Series Editor: Martin M. Antony, Anxiety Treatment and Research Centre, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada SOCIAL ANXIETY AND SOCIAL PHOBIA I


Jacoby - Social Amnesia A Critique of Contemporary Psychology

Editor Yo Jackson University of Kansas

What shapes political behavior more: the situations in which individuals find themselves, or the internal psychological makeup—beliefs, values, and so on—of those individuals? This is perhaps th

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Child Development is an authoritative, accessible and up-to-date account of all aspects of child development. Written by an international team of leading experts, it a

Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) is a contextually based cognitive behavioral treatment. The ACT model holds that culturally supported attempts to control and eliminate unpleasant private ex

COMPLETING A VOLUME like this is accompanied by a variety of feelings. The main one is relief at being able to take the manuscript off my desk, although knowing how busy I get, my desk will probably

Edited by David Hardman London Metropolitan University, UK and Laura Macchi University of Milan-Bicocca, Italy

Editors ROBERT S. COHEN, Boston University JÜRGEN RENN, Max-Planck-Institute for the History of Science KOSTAS GAVROGLU, University of Athens

This is a new release, courtesy of The eBook Hoard. We are a group dedicated to releasing high-quality books in mainly academic realms. Right now, we are only releasing PDFs, but eventually, other f

I welcome this opportunity to write a second edition of The Psychology of Language, and I would like to thank Mike Forster of Psychology Press for giving it to me. As I remarked in the preface to th

Wiley Series in The Psychology of Crime, Policing and Law Series Editors Graham Davies and Ray Bull University of Leicester, UK University of Portsmouth, UK

Review of Psychiatry Series John M. Oldham, M.D. Michelle B. Riba, M.D., M.S. Series Editors

Edited by Grover Maurice Godwin, Ph.D. Research Assistant Professor Justice Center The University of Alaska –Anchorage

Edited by JOHN F.M. GLEESON AND PATRICK D. MCGORRY The University of Melbourne, Australia

Fay Fransella is Founder and Director of the Centre for Personal Construct Psychology, Emeritus Reader in Clinical Psychology, University of London and Visiting Professor in Personal Construct Psych

First, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to our colleague and friend, Chris Meriam, for his generous support throughout the writing of this book. His authenticity, compassion, and knowl

An Introduction to the Psychology of Trading and Behavioural Finance

The Psychology of Genocide, Massacres, and Extreme Violence: Why "Normal" People Come to Commit Atrocities

Dupoux - Langiage, Brain and Cognitive Development

Driscioll et al - Simple Treatments For Complex Problems - A Flexible Cognitive Behavior Analysis System Approach To Psycht

Editors G.A. Fava Bologna I. Fukunishi Tokyo M.B. Rosenthal Cleveland, Ohio




All psychotherapy educators aspire to teach evidence-based psychotherapy. They encounter problems, not the least of which is reaching agreement about the meaning of the phrase “evidence based” (

Second Edition Alan Carr University College Dublin and Clanwilliam Institute Dublin, Ireland

Camic et al (eds) - Qualitative Research in Psychology Expanding perspectives in methodology and design

George Burns is a highly experienced clinician with the remarkable ability to create, discover and tell engaging stories that can teach us all the most important lessons in life. With 101 Healing Sto

An extraordinary world where the dead are examined, certified, registered, embalmed, viewed and finally cremated or buried is revealed in this ethnographic account of contemporary British mortuary p

Edited by Frank W. Bond Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK Windy Dryden Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK

Derek Bolton Jonathan Hill

Published by State University of New York Press, Albany © 2002 State University of New York

Murray R. Barrick Ann Marie Ryan Editors Foreword by Neal Schmitt

We have continued to focus exclusively on examples from English-language publications and clinical examples from the US and the UK, not out of choice but because these sources represent our primary

Edited by Alan D. Baddeley Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Bristol, UK Michael D. Kopelman University Department of Psychiatry and Psychology,

Edited by Leslie Atkinson Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Susan Goldberg The Hospital for Sick Children

This important series makes a significant contribution to the development of management thought. This field has expanded dramatically in recent years and the series provides an invaluable forum for

Rewriting the Self explores the process by which individuals reconstruct the meaning and significance of past experience. Drawing on the lives of such notable figures as St Augustine, Helen Keller an

These are the thoughts and feelings two people who have experienced traumatic incidents.

Introduction to Psychology Prof. Steven Pinker

The aim of this paper is to apply some recent results from the philosophy of action in the theory of narrative. The intuitive idea is that narrative discourse may be conceived of as a form of natura

This book is based on the Nicod lectures given in Lyon and Paris in June 1999. I am very thankful to the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) and the Nicod Lecture Committee for sele

PAUL RICOEUR has been the dean of the faculty of letters and human sciences at the University of Paris X (Nantcrrc) for many years and is currently the John Nu-veen Professor Emeritus in the Divinity

Thomas Kuhn and Michel Foucault have explored the role played by epistemological paradigms in shaping and limiting how the world is understood and what can count as true at different times. Kuhn too

People at work in organizations today are part of a new era. The institutions of society and the people who make them work are challenged in many and very special ways. Society at large increasingly

narrative,emotion and drama in music

In most sociolinguistic studies of the speech community, narratives of personal experience play a prominent role. Within the sociolinguistic interview, narratives are one of the primary means of red

In a widely quoted riposte to critics who accused them of naive empiricism, Sackett and colleagues claimed that “the practice of evidence based medicine means integrating individual clinical expe

Narrative leadership: using the power of stories David Fleming

Becoming a mother changes lives in many ways and this original and accessible book explores how women try to make sense of and narrate their experiences of first-time motherhood in the Western world

Dulwich Centre 345 Carrington Street Adelaide SA 5000

The author argues that contemporary social theories cannot simultaneously accommodate the diachronic and synchronic dimensions of time within their frameworks, because they reduce the complexities

Morwaread M. Farbood A.B. Music Harvard College (1997) M.S. Media Arts and Sciences Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2001) Submitted to the Program in Media A

At least since the days of Locke it had been assumed that mental life went from the simple to the complex, and that complex operations were painstakingly constructed out of elementaristic components.

In the last chapter we saw how. the new tradition attacked one of the stumbling blocks of the British associationists-the problem of elements, the atomistic conception of complex thinking being made

Although the birthdate of an experimental psychology can be argued, Wilhelm Wundts assumption of paternity cannot. It was Wundt in 1874 who marked out the "new domain of science" and who made the br

Lopez 1987 Differences Do Make a Difference - comparison with Milton Erickson

Dennis V. Lindley Minehead, Somerset, England

In this chapter I discuss Charles Taylor's and Paul Ricoeur's theories of narrative identity and narratives as a central form of self-interpretation.1 Both Taylor and Ricoeur think that self-identit

There is a name which stands out in contrast to all that is secret, suspect, confusing, bookish and enslaving: Krishnamurti. Here is one man of our time who may be said to be a master of reality. He

Narrative and Discursive Approaches in Entrepreneurship is a second book in a miniseries of four publications called Movements in Entrepreneurship which originate from so-called writers’workshops

Background Bulimia nervosa and related syndromes such as binge eating disorder are common in young Western women. A speci c manual-based form of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) has been developed

Marc J. Schabracq works at the Department of Work and Organisational Psychology, University of Amsterdam, Roeterstraat15, 1018 WB, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He is also an organisational consultant

David Carson David Carson is Reader in Law and Behavioural Sciences in the Faculty of Law at the University of Southampton. He tries to be practical, preventive and interdisciplinary in his teachin

This paper presents a direction for narrative ethics based on ethical ideas found in the works of Michel Foucault. Narrative ethics is understood here at the meta-level of cultural discourse to see

While every effort has been made to ensure the reliability of the information presented in this publication, Gale Group does not guarantee the accuracy of the data contained herein. Gale accepts no

When I began to study the rules, duties, and prohibitions of sexuality, the interdictions and restrictions associated with it, I was concerned not simply with the acts that were permitted and forbidd

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Charles D. Spielberger is Distinguished Research Professor of Psychology and Director of the Center for Research in Behavioral Medicine and Health Psychology at the University of South Florida. Autho

During psychotherapy, patients describe their experiences in the form of storytelling. Our goal here is to define the criteria that will allow a therapist to distinguish an effective narrative from


This monograph presents a specific approach to organization studies in T t h e field while simultaneously illustrating its use. The book is mainly directed toward graduate students in business and p

Cognitive psychology includes such topics as memory, concept formation, attention, reasoning, problem solving, judgment, and language. Clearly cognitive psychology is very popular within contempora

There are a number of cognitive systems which seem to have quite distinct and specific properties. These systems provide the basis for certain cognitive capacities -- for simplicity of exposition, I

Camic et al - Qualitative Research in Psychology - Expanding perspectives in methodology and design- 2003

I wrote this book during the 1960s and it was published in 1969. It is a source of immense satisfaction to have this opportunity to write a new Preface for the 32nd anniversary edition. Although I ha

We would like to dedicate this course to the memory of Brenda Smith, Psychology Staff Tutor and member of the course team, who died during the final year of the course’s production. She had been a

SECTION INTRODUCTION Applications of Maharishi Vedic Science to Developmental Psychology Victoria K. Alexander Maharishi University of Management

SOME TIME DURING THE PERIOD AROUND 200 BC, a famous general named Hannibal, who fought for the North African empire of Carthage, launched a ferocious attack on the Roman army in the African desert

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