Pharmacy Dept. Welcomes Freshers & Honors Ranking Students

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Conducted in the presence of Dr. Ahmed Saif Muharram (CBT) and Prof. Abdullah Tahish (the Chancellor) on Nov 22, 2017, a celebration was organized by the Pharmacy Department, Al-Nasser University to welcome the 2018 Fresher and honor the ranking students. The event was honored with the presence of the well-known celebrity, Mr. Ayoub Tarish.

In his speech, the Chancellor welcome the attendees, namely the Pharmacy fresher students whom he invited to be wholly dedicated to learning. Presenting hearty congrats to ranking students for the success they achieved, Prof Tahish stressed the importance of education as the best of investments in national development.

He noted to the long way Al-Nasser had gone in developing its academic program specification and course description so as to go in line with the academic accreditation standards. Such a progress, in addition to improving the administrative quality, would contribute to implementing the University’s strategic goal of advancing education and cultivating its affiliates’ intellectual abilities.

Dr. Abdulkareem El-Zumor (FMS Dean) pointed out that the University’s keen interest in organizing such an annual event is meant to motivate the freshers for hardworking, since only outstanding students are worthy of honor.

He, moreover, confirmed Al-Nasser’s keen willingness to provide the best educational environment that comprises competent faculty, well-equipped labs, and upgraded curricula. The University had also many agreements with partners to provide students with field training.

Dr. Yaser El-Madhaji (Head of Pharmacy Department) congratulated the ranking students and addressed the freshers that joining Pharmacy at Al-Nasser University would pave the way for getting the knowledge and skills required for them to become successful pharmacists. Valuing the University’s support in this respect, he thanked Al-Nasser Board as well as FMS deanship and  staff for their contributions to department’s excellence.

Dr. Omar El-Shuja’e gave some guidelines and advices to the fresher students that contained the typical student’s ethics and skills, the college’s life howabouts, responsibilities, cautions, the type of problems they might face and how to deal with them.

Concluded by honoring the ranking students, the celebration’s program included a number of art shows and poetic presentations.

As for the students’ feedback, Ghamdan Muharram (a junior 3rd ranker) pointed out that such an occasion motivates excellent students to keep up their hard work and freshers to follow the example.

Haytham Mujmal (a final-year 2nd ranker) appreciated Al-Nasser’s interest in outstanding students whose education would certainly contribute to the national wellbeing.

Samah El-Raymi ( a senior 2nd ranker) conveyed a message to freshers that success needs strong will, hard work, and patience.

The celebration was held at the FMS’ grand hall in the presence of Mr. Ali El-Thayfani (Secretary-General), Dr. Abdulkareem El-Zumor (FMS Dean), Dr. Anwar Mas’oud (Director of Quality Unit), faculty members, and a large number of students.

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