Seminar on “Medicine’s Spatial Synthesis: Efficiency & Effects”

Monday, 16 January 2017

A seminar entitled “Medicine’s Spatial Synthesis: Efficiency & Effects” was organized by Pharmacy third-level students at FMS in the presence of Prof Abdullah Tahish (the Chancellor) on Sunday, Jan 15, 2017.

Addressing the participants, the Chancellor praised Al-Nasser students’ outstanding scientific standard. He pointed out that such seminars pave the way for the students to continue postgraduate studies and do scholarly researches. He thanked the seminar’s coordinators and the FMS faculty members as well.

Twelve papers were prepared by the students over Stereo-chemistry, its efficiency and effects. A variety of medications were selected to study their efficiency, methods of isolation, side effects of non-isolated drugs, and the benefits of the isolated ones.

Dr. Mukhtar El-Ghurafi (Instructor of Organic Chemistry & Medicine Formula) stressed that organizing such seminars aims to principally develop the students’ scholarly orientation and thus serve the community in the same way the present event did. He invited the institutions concerned to conduct scientific conferences on the medicine’s cutting-edge issues. Hospitals, medical centers, state departments, and pharmaceutical companies should be targeted. The light has to be cast on the social significance of pharmacy with regards to drug safety so as to raise awareness about the proper use of medications and reduce the side effects as well.

For his part, Prof. Mohammed El-Buraihi (Instructor of Pharmaceuticals) praised the presented papers as they tackled the principles and formula of medicine. They, besides, test medicine by efficiency the fact that help develop the existing pharmaceutical industries.

Dr. Tariq El-Maqtari (Instructor of Pharmacology) noted that scientific research always marks the students’ progress as it takes them deeply towards mastering their discipline rather than being passive recipients.

The researches were evaluated by a committee membered by: Dr. Ali El-Mehdhar (Instructor of Pharmacology and Toxicology), Dr. Mukhtar El-Ghurafi (Instructor of Organic Chemistry & Medicine Formula), Dr. Sami El-Samit (Instructor of Pharmaceutics) in the presence of a number of specialists, heads of departments, staff members, and Pharmacy students.

The seminar was` concluded with honoring the committee members by the Chancellor, the participant students by the committee as well as the event coordinators.

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