3rd Celebration to Welcome Freshers & Honor Toppers

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Conducted in the presence of Dr. Ahmed Saif Muharram (CBT) and Prof. Abdullah Tahish (the Chancellor) on Thursday, Jan 12, 2017, the third celebration to welcome the 2017 Fresher and honor the topper students was organized by Faculty of Engineering & Computer Sciences, Faculty of Administrative & Financial Studies, and Faculty of Humanities.

In his speech, the Chancellor congratulated the topper students for the brilliance they achieved due to hard working. He welcomed the fresher students confirming the University’s readiness to provide the best educational environment noting to the fact that the programs go in line with the academic accreditation standards.

The toppers’ speech was delivered by Mohammed El-Harbi in Arabic and Khawlah Saed-Allah in English in which they stressed the students’ indomitable determination to keep up their brilliant acquisition. They are all keen to be qualified enough to take part in developing their nation and cope with the international progress. They appreciated conducting such a celebration and thanked the attendees and coordinators.

Presented by the starring students Abdulghani El-Otaibi and Mohammed El-Ra’ei, the program included a number of recreational shows by such gifted students as: Anwar El-Mashwali, Ahmed El-Swadi, Mohammed El-Sa’ed, and Hamam El-Ahmadi. It was concluded with handing awards over to the toppers, cohorts’ representatives, and the football team winning the league championship.

The event was held at the University’s campus in the presence of Mr. Ali El-Thayfani (Secretary-general), Dr. Mohammed El-Kuhali ( FAFS Dean), Dr. Mansour EL-Zabadi (FECS Dean) and Dr. Mohammed Shawqi (Dean of Humanities College), heads of departments, faculty & staff members, and a big gathering of students.

Giving feedback, Ms. Azhar El-Absi (3rd topper of Media third-level) felt thankful for conducting the awarding event which certainly encourages her to keep up her outstanding grade.

Sayaf EL-Shahabi (1st topper of Business Administration fourth-level) thanked the University for giving the students this honor as well as the event’s coordinators.

Abdullah El-Sa’fani (1st topper of Accounting fourth-level) and Mahfoudh El-Ezzi (1st topper of Business Administration fourth-level) felt so proud of their brilliance and thanked their colleagues for sharing with them their happy moments.

Shihab El-Mathaji (2nd topper of Accounting fourth-level) thanked the University’s staff for the great attention they show to students. He, moreover praised the well-organized celebration that urged students to keep up their excellence.

Layla El-Muhairbi (2nd topper of English second-level) and Ameer-Eddeen Mohammed (2nd topper of I T fourth-level) felt thankful to the CBT, the Chancellor, and Deans for attending the event.

Faisal Ali (2nd topper of Public Relations third-level) felt happy with the occasion and promised to carry on.

Saeed El-Selwi (3rd topper of I T fourth-level) and Nehad El-Absi (2nd topper of I S fourth-level) noted that Al-Nasser has excellent departments, curricula and faculty members that altogether make up the students’ brilliance.

Mohammed El-Hejri (2nd topper of Public Relations fourth-level) and Mohammed El-Nemri (3rd topper of Public Relations second-level) talked about the worth that Al-Nasser University had been able to prove compared with other institutions.

Reem Budair (representative of Business Administration fourth-level) and Munir Ali (representative of Accounting third-level) appreciated the kind gesture of honoring representatives and giving welcome to freshers.

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