FAFS Students Celebrate Football Championship

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

A party was organized by the Deanship of Faculty of Administrative & Financial Studies in honor of the Admin Sophomore football team that was crowned as Al-Nasser Football League Champion – 2016/2017. The party was conducted on Thursday, Jan 17, 2017 with the participation of the FAFS’ students.

The team could win the league championship after beating the Pharma Juniors 2/0 in the final game held on El-Wehdah playground at the outset of the current month, Jan 2017.

Dr. Mohammed El-Kuhali (FAFS Dean) gave a speech on the occasion in which he thanked the team for winning the title for the second time in a row. He, moreover, congratulated the students for successfully completing the 1st semester classes. He noted that winning the championship culminated the college’s as well as the University’s constant scientific, intellectual, and sport activity program.

He appreciated the efforts of the party’s coordinators and gave a specific thank to Pharma team for accepting the invitation and sportingly attending the party.

Dr. Mohammed El-Shawkani (a faculty member) congratulated the team and urged them to keep up their training as it help develop the physical skills that are not less important than the intellectual ones.

Held at Faculty of Administrative & Financial Studies, the party’s program had much of fun and entertainment. Attendees included: Dr. Mohammed El-Kuhali (Dean), Dr. Munir Al-Aghberi (Head of English Department), Mr. Murshid Al-Aghberi (league coordinator) and faculty members.

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