Chancellor Inspects Semester-I Exam Progress

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Prof Abdullah Tahish, the Chancellor and Head of Supreme Examination Committee, has conducted a visit to the examination halls at FECS, FAFS, and Humanities College. The tour took place on Saturday, Jan 21, 2017 to closely inspect the progress of the 2016/2017first-semester final exams.

The Chancellor made sure that all exam procedures are rightly arranged and run. he praised the well-organized control over the exam process that testified to the committees’ considerable efforts.

He, moreover, surveyed how appropriate the exam questions are to the average examinees and how thorough they are of the syllabus noting to the University’s will to support the students and facilitate all difficulties towards enhancing their learning acquisition.

From a different perspective, the students felt happy with the Chancellor’s exam-inspecting visit, interest in their feedback, raising their morale by urging more commitment, and determination to solve arising problems.

The rector was escorted by: Mr. Ali El-Thayfani (Secretary-General & Deputy of Supreme Examination Committee), Dr. Mohammed El-Kuhali (FAFS Dean & Head of Examination Committee B), Dr. Mansour El-Zabadi (FECS Dean), and heads of departments.

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