نظم قسم اداراة مستشفيات بكلية العلوم الإدارية بجامعة الناصر زيارة علمية لطلبة المستوى الرابع الى المستشفى الأوروبي الحديث، وذلك يوم السبت الموافق ١٦ ديسمبر ٢٠١٧م. اطلع الطلبة خلال الزيارة على الاقسام والادارات المختلفة التي تتضمنها المستشفى؛ ومنها اقسام الاشعة، الطورائ، العمليات، النساء والولادة، الرقود، العناية المركزة، المختبر، الرنين المغناطيسي؛ كما تم زيارة الإدارة العامة، وادارات

في إطار اهتمام جامعة الناصر بتنمية القدرات العملية للطلبة وتطوير مهاراتهم المهنية؛ ينفذ قسم الهندسة المدنية بكلية الهندسة وعلوم الحاسوب تدريبا ميدانيا في المختبر المركزي التابع للمؤسسة العامة للطرق والجسور، ويستهدف طلبة المستوى الرابع في القسم. ويقوم الطلبة خلال التدريب بالتعرف والتطبيق على الاجهزة والمعدات الخاصة برصف الطرق، ومنها جهاز قياس لزوجة الاسفلت، وجهاز الاشتعال

IT Students Visit Y-Tech Co

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

IT senior and IS junior students went on two scientific visits that were organized by IT Department, FECS, Al-Nasser University to the headquarter of Y-tech Co for international technology on Nov 28, 2017. Received by Mr. Ryadh El-Nehmi (Director of Systems Section), the students were introduced by Ms. Amal Amir (a senior IS engineer) to

In the presence of Dr. Ahmed Saif Muharram (CBT) and Prof. Abdullah Tahish (the Chancellor), a celebration was organized at FMS on Nov 23. 2017. The event was the FMS’ second occasion to welcome the 2018 fresher and honor the ranking students of Lab, Nursing, and Public Health Depts. In his speech, the Chancellor greeted

Conducted in the presence of Dr. Ahmed Saif Muharram (CBT) and Prof. Abdullah Tahish (the Chancellor) on Nov 22, 2017, a celebration was organized by the Pharmacy Department, Al-Nasser University to welcome the 2018 Fresher and honor the ranking students. The event was honored with the presence of the well-known celebrity, Mr. Ayoub Tarish. In

In implementation of the 2017/2018 training program, Pharmacy fifth-year students went on many scientific visits that were organized by Research & Training Office at Faculty of Medical Sciences. The field visits were made to Yemen-Egyptian, Sheba, Global, and El-Dwae’iah pharmaceutical companies. During the visits, the students learnt about the different designs of the pharmaceutical companies

A scientific visit was made by 35 students coming from the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th levels of Public Health Department to the Clinical Nutrition Center of Sheikh Zayed Hospital at Bani-elharith area. Touring the Hospital’s various sections, the students were introduced to the Clinical Nutrition Center where malnutrition children receive treatment. They, besides, learnt how

Welcome Party at Department of English

Thursday, 09 November 2017

In the presence of Dr. Ahmed Saif Muharram (CBT), a welcome party was organized by Department of English, Faculty of Humanities, Al-Nasser University. Held on Tuesday, Nov 7, 2017, the event intended to give welcome to the department’s fresher students. Opening with the national anthem and Quran recitation, the event’s program started with the welcome

Al-Nasser University took part in sponsoring the ceremony held by Abdunnaser Talented High School on Oct 28, 2017 to celebrate the graduation of the second cohort comprising 169 students. A certificate of appreciation was presented at the event by the School to Al-Nasser’s Chancellor in recognition of the University’s constant support for the School’s educational

The research scholar, Thekra El-Zubairi, was awarded M Sc. degree in Biochemistry from the Vice-Chancellor for Postgraduate Studies, Sana’a University for her thesis entitled “Prevalence Rate of Latent Autoimmune Diabetes of Adulthood (LADA) and its Symptoms with Type-2 Patients.” The thesis concluded that the prevalence rate of LADA in Yemen is lower than the results

Implementing the University’s keen interest in the progress of study at the various departments, Prof Abdullah Tahish, the Chancellor, had an inspecting visit to the labs and class halls at Faculty of Medical Sciences. Following up the arrangements related to carrying out the 2017/2018 academic plan at the FMS’ departments, the Chancellor praised the typical

In the presence of Dr. Ahmed Saif Muharram (CBT) and Prof. Abdullah Tahish (the Chancellor), a seminar with the slogan “Public Health Discipline: Reality & Ambition” was conducted by Public Health Department, Al-Nasser University on Tuesday, Oct 17, 2017. The seminar intended to highlight the public health discipline, its various scopes, and the career opportunities