FMS Welcomes Freshers & Honors Ranking Students

Friday, 24 November 2017

In the presence of Dr. Ahmed Saif Muharram (CBT) and Prof. Abdullah Tahish (the Chancellor), a celebration was organized at FMS on Nov 23. 2017. The event was the FMS’ second occasion to welcome the 2018 fresher and honor the ranking students of Lab, Nursing, and Public Health Depts.

In his speech, the Chancellor greeted the ranking students for their brilliance. He also welcomed the fresher students and confirmed the University’s readiness to provide the best educational environment that would help develop their theoretical and practical skills. He noted to Al-Nasser’s commitment to the academic accreditation standards in terms of the program specifications.

For his part, Dr. Abdulraqeeb El-Henani (Head of Nursing & Public Health Depts.) addressed the fresher students highlighting Al-Nasser’s steady academic values as well as strong will to fulfil its commitments towards the community. He appreciated their choice of Al-Nasser where they would get the educational and professional skills necessary to advance their scientific and technical competency. Furthermore, the University provides the ideal educational environment that cultivates in students the humanitarian and social values as well as the competitive spirit towards a typical acquisition.

Dr. Mukhtar El-Zumor (Head of Lab Dept.) stated that the brilliance achieved by ranking students and the entry of freshers add to the esteemed name of the University. He hoped that such an occasion would motivate the students to boost their hard work and escalate their excellent grades. He emphasized Al-Nasser’s keen interest in getting them qualified with the required educational and professional skills by means of the program of the seminars, conferences, and activities it annually adopts.

The celebration had many entertaining shows including an interview with Dr. Nidhal No’man (an alumnus of Al-Nasser Lab Dept.) whose eminent career could make her name and fame in community. The program was flavored by the presence of the starring actor, Mr. Yahya Ibrahim (Head of Singers Society), the songs of Mohammed El-Wade’i, and the stand-by comedy cast by Abdurrahman EL-Joubi, Ali Ma’oudhah, and Haytham El-Qattafi.

As for students’ feedback, both Mohammed El-Kenani (Public Health sophomore 2nd ranker) and Isam Wasel (Public Health junior 3rd ranker) thanked the organizers of such an event that encourages them to keep up their excellent record.

According to Ibtihal  Hizam (Lab junior 1st ranker) and Isam El-Absi (Nursing senior 1st ranker), the event gave an inexpressible pleasure for them and their families, instructors and friends.

Shayma El-Serabi and Yaslam El-Amoudi (Public Health senior 2nd and 3rd rankers respectively) pointed out that every minute counts for the ambitious student who works hard to make a promising future.

The celebration was held at FMS’ grand hall in the presence of Mr. Ali El-Thayfani (Secretary General), Dr. Abdulkareem El-Zumor (FMS Dean), Dr. Anwar Mas’oud (Director of Quality Unit), heads of departments, faculty & staff members, and a large number of students.

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