Eighth Issue of Al-Nasser Journal Released

Monday, 13 February 2017

The eighth issue (Jul-Dec 2016) of Al-Nasser Journal has been published. This is a refereed scientific journal issued biannually by Al-Nasser University. The journal is meant to publish the scholarly studies in both natural and social sciences.

The current issue comprises 13 academic papers all of which were subject to peer reviews by a number of competent scholars. The topics include:

  • The Effect of Discovery-learning Activities on Improving the Interest of Nine-standard Students in Geometry
  • The Effect of Linguistic Factors on the Interpretation of Haj Verses: An Analytical Study
  • Efficiency of Maple-aided Teaching for Differential Math Students: A Study Applied to a Sample of 1st level Students at Faculty of Education—Arhab
  • Socio-political Reformist Thought in Yemen: A Socio-cognitive Approach
  • Availability of E-commerce Components at Yemeni Average Companies
  • Availability of E-management Requirements in Sana’a Secondary Schools and Teachers’ Feedback on How to Develop them
  • The Practicum Difficulties Facing Professional Diploma Students at Ayn University of Science of Technology
  • I T & the Intellectual Property Law Applicable to Computer and Multimedia Programs
  • Yemeni Demography and Plagues: The 1436 Plague as a Case Study
  • Efficiency of Problem-solving Teaching Strategy in the Islamic Education Attainment of Seven-standard Students
  • The Image Conceived of the Media Faculty Member at Sana’a University by his\her Students
  • A Method Recommended for Teaching Syntax Parsing
  • Survey of Math Teachers’ Pre-service Knowledge Quotient at Faculty of Education, Amran University

In a statement, Dr. Mohammed Shawqi, the Journal’s Editor, confirmed that the present issue has been distinctly enriched by a number of national and international contributions.

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