Chancellor Inspects Second-semester Exams Progress

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Prof. Abdullah Tahish (the Chancellor) conducted a visit to inspect the progress of the 2016/2017 second semester’s final exams at FECS, FAFS, and Faculty of Humanities.

Touring the Exam Control Office and halls, the Chancellor made sure that all preparations and arrangements are fine as well as that the exam environment is convenient for examinees. He, moreover, listened to the students’ feedback over the exam process.

Addressing the students, he urged them to study hard. He also confirmed the University’s keen interest in supporting them towards getting high-qualified as well as its readiness to help them overcome arising difficulties.

The Chancellor was escorted throughout his inspection by Dr. Mohammed El-Kuhali (FAFS’ Dean), Dr. Mansour El-Zabadi (FECS’ Dean) and Dr. Mohammed Shawqi (Dean of Humanities).

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