Bachelor of Sharia and Law

Bachelor of Sharia and Law

Bachelor of Shaia and Law offers many career opportunities in such judicial and legal fields as: judiciary, legal professions, Fatwa, and conveying Islamic mission. The above mentioned disciplines represent promising careers. They, besides, help students acquire genuine knowledge and scholarly skills by means of the prescribed syllabus.

This specialty is often pursued because of its good use to community. It is also pursued to refine the talent and creativity needed by the judiciary, the legal professions, and national and international legal consultancy, and for getting familiar with the modern and effective methods of communication. Moreover, the department has an excellent curriculum that competently develops the students’ potential for the aforementioned professions.

At the course’s different levels, students are expected to conduct many academic activities such as lectures, seminars, visits to judicial institutions, and having close look at the proceedings of verdict-making. In addition, the discipline provides students with the necessary legal skills throughout study years.

Graduates from this department could easily get many career opportunities. Having Bachelor in Sharia and Law (both Islamic Sharia and legal studies) qualifies them well to the jobs offered by Higher Judicial Institute as well as by public and private sectors. For, they must possess scholarly and analytical skills required for working in Sharia and legal consulting, judiciary, Islamic preaching, and fatwa

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