Bachelor of Pharmacology

Bachelor of Pharmacology

The Bachelor of Pharmacology is a five year, full-time degree program that builds on biomedical, pharmaceutical and health sciences, and progresses to more specific and applied disciplines during your studies of the program. As a student in the Bachelor of Pharmacology you will develop insights into how drugs are developed and how medications affect the human body. You will qualify with the ability to gain entry to a profession that focuses on improving the quality of people's lives. The program will cover major topics including chemical, physical, pharmaceutical and pharmacological properties of medicines and the application of these in the practice of pharmacy. Practical experience in a variety of clinical settings including hospital and community pharmacy is emphasized in the Bachelor of Pharmacology. The Bachelor of Pharmacology is taught through a combination of lectures, laboratory sessions, tutorials, seminars, supervised clinical practice and self-directed projects. The pharmaceutical science classes will include the following topics:

  • biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics
  • medicinal chemistry
  • drug metabolism
  • toxicology
  • pharmaceutics
  • Pharmacy management
  • Computer laboratory
Please note that places in this course are limited and subject to strict enrollment quotas.

Pharmacists play an important part in the health workforce in providing access to medicines, optimizing use of medicines and ensuring quality of medicines and do so through a variety of roles including services relating to: primary health care, medicines management, community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, border patrol, as well as new roles in prescribing. Pharmacists make a difference to people's health in hospitals, aged-care facilities and local communities. Our course gives you the knowledge, experience and expertise you need to make a difference from moment you graduate as a medicine expert and healthcare professional. Pharmacists are health professionals. They are the experts on medicine in the community. The practice of pharmacy includes the development and manufacture of medicines, the supply and dispensing of medicines to patients, and the giving of information about medicines, drug therapy and disease management to patients, doctors and other health professionals. Al-Nasser University provides well-equipped and well-maintained medical laboratories for Pharmacology students. The university also has top notched instructors and professors in the field of pharmacology. Because the program is well-maintained academically and technologically, the study of the Pharmacology at Al-Nasser University is ranked by medical researchers and lots of professors the 2nd best among all private universities in Yemen when it comes to strong academic teaching.

Bachelor of Pharmacology has wide number of practical sessions where students are required to apply what it’s been taught in classes; therefore, students are required to attend and pass these practical sessions. A variety of teaching and learning strategies are used including lectures, seminars, workshops, tutorials, and training lectures at the laboratories. Students are expected also to read textbook materials and do assigned homework. Courses in general are assessed separately using a mixture of examinations, coursework, practical laboratory training tests and projects.

A pharmacology degree opens up careers in many areas, including as a community, hospital or consultant pharmacist, and roles in the pharmaceutical industry, government, regulatory bodies, research and clinical trials.

If you need further information about this program we encourage you to contact our receptionist office who can assess you and direct you to the right person. To do so, you can contact us on : www.al-edu.com/contact/

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