AU Football League Kicks off

Monday, 05 February 2018

Under the auspices of AU Board, the first game of Al-Nasser University’s football tournament kicked off on Feb 5, 2018. All the 2017/2018 league matches are organized by the Students Affairs Office and to take place in El-Sha’b Club’s playground.

Two opening games were held on the first day refereed by Haza’ El-Masa’adi. In the first match, Accounting Morning Juniors (last year champion) won by 15/0 against Lab Freshmen. The goals were scored as follows: 7 by Mohammed Khurais, 2 by Yosuf El-Ra’ei, 3 by mohammed El-Nemri, and 2 by Waleed El-Dela’i and Mohammed El-Areeqi.

The other match was highly competitive as Pharma Freshmen played and won by 3/2 against Admin Sophomore-A. The pharma goals were scored by Hasan Muda’em, Hamzah Muflih, and Abdussalam El-Waqedi whereas the Admin’s ones by Anas Othman and Khaled EL-Maqra’i.

According to Shehab EL-Math-haji (the league coordinator), this year’s league will be more enthusiastic as it comprises 16 teams representing the different colleges and departments. He appreciated AU board as well as Students Affairs Office for organizing the competition, choosing an appropriate time, making the necessary arrangements, and providing the needful equipment.

Two matches are to be held next Wednesday whereupon Admin Sophomore-B plays against Pharma Juniors in the first and Pharma Final Year against Nursing & Public Health in the second.

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